Experiencing Astrogeography | Navigating Neptune

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When I began planning my astrogeo travels for this summer, I felt a draw towards Rome from the beginning. At the time I was unaware of why I was feeling so pulled, but I knew I had to experience whatever was waiting for me there. As I was in Rome, the answers became crystal clear. Rome is on my Neptune Line, and during my time there I became faced with challenges, but equally met with beautiful realizations I deeply needed in the moment.

What is Your Neptune Line and How Does It Affect You?

As each line carriers a unique energy, each line in turn carries various barriers, lessons, and possibilities. We need the lessons that are present in that energy, but we need to know what the energy is so that we can navigate it. Our Neptune Line introduces us to new energies, bringing about new barriers that will in turn force us into a state of surrender. This state of surrender may bring about a very necessary lesson for you, as it did for me. It is increasingly difficult to remain linear while on your Neptune Line, as you may experience the feeling of flowing like water. Your Neptune Line has the ability to bring you face-to-face with some harsh realities such as financial situations, inability to focus and be motivated, and personal yearning for wanting to be recognized or noticed. As you may not feel drawn to the structure and security that normally serve you, deep growth is among the horizon.

Despite these challenging aspects about your Neptune Line, it also brings about a beautiful time to unleash your creativity and spiritual curiosity. As we are connecting with the deeper purpose of our being during this time, we are spiritually exploring and evolving.

Our Neptune Line reminds us of the importance of letting go and the possibilities this holds. Sometimes, this simple act of stepping back is the medicine our soul desperately needed. 

Our Neptune Line introduces us to new energies, bringing about new barriers that will, in turn, force us into a state of surrender.
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How To Navigate your Neptune Line

When you are on your Neptune Line, you must release and relax in all senses. We all have plans and agendas for ourselves, but when we are submerged in an energy that does not align accordingly, we must listen and adapt to the energy we are in. As you are met with hardships and roadblocks, you must navigate them with ease. Attempting to fight the current only creates a harsher struggle in the time to come. With this understanding you will know to allow the flow of energy to unfold before your eyes, without interjecting. 

Being on your Neptune Line provides a perfect time to take a vacation, go for a spiritual journey, or to practice your artistic abilities. By unlocking your creative energies, you can use this to your advantage during this time of exploration and growth. This can be the perfect contrast to the state of acceptance necessary during this time. You must float in this time and energy, for all that it provides. By fully accepting and releasing in these moments, you will allow yourself the most powerful experience Neptune has to offer.

We all need a reminder of the powers and possibilities beyond our control, at times. Our Neptune Line provides this opportunity for us to relax, reset, and reconnect with our own energy and intuition. Whatever line you are living in is providing you with the energies, and therefore experiences, you need in this moment. Find trust and love within this truth and live beautifully in the energy you currently reside!

For more information and tips on how to navigate planetary energies on your astrogeography line, check out my Astrogeography Course!