A journey into the astrology of place with Dara. Learn about planetary energies and how to read their influences on anyone’s map! This is a fun and simple 17-video journey towards learning the basics of astrogeography. Listen to Dara chat about her own experiences with the planets, learn how to harness these powerful energies to your advantage no matter where you are in the world, and learn to read your own map. No software or technical skills required!


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More about this life tool:

17 fun videos!
I tell you how to read your own map, as well as the maps of others in 17 bite-sized videos plus explanations on how planetary energies may be affecting you right now and tools to work with them.

Example videos.
Examples of Dara's map and Lacy Phillips’ map provide concrete exploration.

Your path. 
Discover and understand the positioning of your crossings and parallels of lines and your place in the world. You will learn how to harness planetary energies no matter where you are in the world.

Dara’s story.
Learn how astrogeography shaped Dara’s life before she even knew what it was. Hint: she was born on a Pluto line which is why she's an agent of change. :)

You will have the tools to:

  • Understand your own birth story and the lines that influenced you at birth. 

  • Discover if a city or country is ideal for relocation according to your astrogeography map.

  • Deal with potentially difficult and challenging planetary energies when you are not able to relocate.

  • Harness planetary energies to make your dreams come true, flourish in your career, bring a new love into your life, and more. The chart below outlines the planetary energies.

  • Create solutions and actionable steps to support the planetary energy you are seeking.



Join Dara for this self-guided astrogeography journey and have access to this tool for life.

Learn how to read Astrogeography maps in a palatable and uplifting way, Dara-style.


Intro to Astrogeography

*With purchase of this life tool you will have unlimited access to the videos.

*All sales are final, no refunds on the course are permitted.


Want to go deeper?

Add a 30-minute ($250) personalized follow-up appointment with Dara.
This follow-up is only available to those who have purchased and completed the tool.

*All sales are final, no refunds are permitted.




“Taking Dara's Astrogeography course has lit me up in so many ways! She explains the information in a digestible way, gives you tangible and accessible ways to call in the energy you're wanting, and her energy is positively infectious. I've been telling everyone about the power of astrogeography after learning from Dara—the information is transformative. It has helped me confirm my purpose, understand what's supportive and what's challenging about the place I live and places I have lived, and now I'm using the knowledge to plan for house buying and future vacations. If you're able, I highly recommend scheduling the 30 min follow up appointment with Dara after completing the course—further clarity and non-stop inspiration!”

- course participant, Intro to Astrogeography

“I loved connecting with you today. Another 'thank you' doesn't quite do justice to how I'm feeling, so I'll just say, I knew you were someone I needed to cross paths with, and I am so, so grateful we did!

Thank you for creating the Astrogeography course and sharing with me exactly what I needed to hear.”

- Courtney, Intro to Astrogeography

Just started this and literally is life changing already I feel soooo much more at peace knowing that how I’ve felt in places is true and isn’t just me being cray. Mind blown! People need to know about this!
— Victoria, astrogeography course

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