Couples astrogeography with maps

This session is for couples who want to have hard copy maps to consult at anytime for work, travel..

For couples who want to relocate, know where they will communicate best, have the most passion, where both careers will flourish, where to settle, get pregnant…




90 minutes

Two fully colored maps to have and frame

A full intuitive look at each person and their story of birth

Measuring the orbs of influence (how far away from the lines they are having an effect)

Shading out tricky areas and coloring the supportive ones

A comparison to find the best spots for the couple and identification of children’s lines in a place of choice.


You’ll need to book the session 2 weeks in advance, sending time, date and place of birth for both parties.

Ninety minute session $990


sessions can be over phone, facetime or skype. 


What Dara needs from you:

  • A list of locations of your interest +  what areas in life need attention (career, love, health, etc…) + what your want to achieve as a couple.

  • Phone number (for a call or facetime or skype info)

  • Postal address (where to deliver map)


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