meet with dara virtually

Curious about where in the world is best for you energetically?

Want to learn how to harness supportive planetary energies from anywhere?

When you book a session with Dara, she sends you a digital map, revealing your specific astrological influences in the world.

During the session, Dara intuitively guides you and answers any questions you have regarding where to relocate, what you are looking for (love, career, abundance, more exposure, etc.), and how to harness your most supportive planetary energies no matter where you are in the world.



Dara prepares for the session by studying the energetics of planetary influences on your map. She notes challenging and supportive places for you.

She intuits and reads the story of what is happening for your soul’s choice, what you are here to do, and where you would be most supported to carry out your purpose.

She sends digital files of your map, which you can refer to during your session.


Please include your exact place, time, and date of birth. It’s important that this information is accurate, as it will directly impact your map!

60-minute session $425


sessions can be over zoom or FaceTime. 
*All session purchases are final. No refunds permitted.


What Dara needs from you:

  • Locations of interest and areas of your life you’d like to focus on (career, love, health, etc.)

  • Email address (for zoom meeting) and phone number.


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