meet with dara virtually

do you want to know where in the world is best for you?

where to find love, career, fame, fortune? where you will be happiest?

when you book a session with dara: she prepares a hard copy astrocartography ™ map, measures the areas of influence of each line and shades out the challenging ones and highlights/colors the supportive ones, so that she can guide you where to relocate/travel to or where is to find what you are looking for.

love, career, abundance, more exposure for your message…


Dara spends about two hours in preparation of your hard copy astrogeography map of the world, where she measures the orbs of influence (how far away from the lines  are having an effect), shades out challenging places and colors in the supportive ones.

During this time she can intuit and read the story of what is happening for your souls choice, what you came in to do and where would be best to do it.

She sends a digital copy of your colored map so you have something to refer to during your one hour session. She then handpaints a note and addresses and colors a pretty white envelope for you to receive the map in the joy and color in which it was created.


You’ll need to book the session 2 weeks in advance, sending your time of birth, date and place at this time.


sessions with maps require two-weeks advance booking.

sessions can be over phone, facetime or skype. 


What Dara needs from you:

  • A list of locations of your interest + what areas in life need attention (career, love, health, etc…)

  • Phone number (for a call or facetime or skype info)

  • Postal address (for map delivery)


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