i believe that when  we are decluttering, we are actually moving energy. then it becomes exciting. we can change the way that we feel and by letting go we can welcome in the life of our CURRENT DESIRES. 



i believe that while food isn’t everything

it is the first thing. we can manipulate how we feel through the different foods that we eat. for me it is a high greens diet. with all of the confusing information out there NO ONE is saying a diet high in greens and veggies is bad ;) cleaning up the diet and the body and then eating intuitively is the thing. 

feng shui

i believe that our homes affect us. that what belongings we have and where we place them tells a story of what is going on inside of us and in our lives…as within so without. decluttering is moving energy and feng shui helps with our harmony and manifestation.



i believe that we can do all of the good things for our bodies, eat well, move our bodies, be mindful, but if we are living under challenging planetary influences we will be thwarted no matter what we do.

we can find our energetically challenging and supportive places and relocate, travel to or harness those planetary characteristics we want and need. 

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