Dara Dubinet is an intuitive. After discovering her intuitive ability at age 5, she has used it to move energy in all areas of her life: astrogeography, career and life purpose, relationships, the principles of feng shui, raw food, herbal tonics, and more. A major part of her healing journey involved learning how to let go of things that weren’t serving her. This created a more open channel for intuition to come through. Ten years ago, she started a YouTube channel to help others move energy and began making videos on topics ranging from raw food to Chinese herbal tinctures to decluttering. Shortly after, More with Dara, a private membership offering where she shares personal elements of her daily life, collaborations, giveaways, and more, was born. Dara guides individuals and couples in intuitive sessions as well as intuitive astrogeography sessions. She helps her clients navigate career choices, life purpose, love, business, relationships, and more using intuitive hits. Out of a desire to make astrogeography accessible to everyone, Dara created a fun and easy astrogeography life tool, which you can purchase here. Dara is an enthusiast for everything that contributes to a life that is CLEAN, CLEAR, & BRIGHT.  She’s an expert at making herself happy and wants to inspire others to do the same. Above all, she believes in celebrating even in the most mundane moments and loves taking vast and seemingly overwhelming topics and distilling them for you.