It is important to check the Astrogeography for both parties in a couple. The relationship will likely not go well if one or both are negatively aspected where they live.

Even if there are children, it is most important to check the Astrogeography of the parents. Dara can identify what the children’s planetary lines are so that you can be prepared on how to support them!


Who this is for:

  • For couples who want to relocate, know where they will communicate best, have the most passion, where both careers will flourish, where to settle, get pregnant…

  • Couples who do not need the maps but do need to know if a particular destination/destinations are right for them.

  • To find out where both parties will have harmony together.

What this includes:

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After booking your session you will need to send time, date and place of birth of both parties.


What Dara needs from you

  • A location of your interest + what areas in life need attention (career, love, health, etc…) + what you want to achieve as a couple.

  • Phone number for a call or FaceTime or Skype info