It is important to check the Astrogeography for both parties in a couple. The relationship will likely not go well if one or both are negatively aspected where they live.

Even if there are children, it is most important to check the Astrogeography of the parents. Dara can identify what the children’s planetary lines are so that you can be prepared on how to support them!


Who this is for:

  • For those who don’t want to wait 2 weeks for a reading

  • For those wanting a shorter but satisfying take on where you live and where you are thinking of going.

  • Don’t want to or don’t have time to learn how to do Astrogeography, or don’t need a full colored in map.

  • It’s ideal for those who are wondering what energies they are currently dealing with

  • Those wanting confirmation on desire to relocate or travel to somewhere

    * If she finds you are living on a supporting line and still having difficulties, Dara can guide you how to make things better.

What this includes:

  • A digital map like the one below

  • 30 min phone session where Dara will navigate you towards the lines that bring the most benefit. Where to move to or where to do business, find love, etc.

  • As well as ways in which to call in the energies you need without moving to the location.


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After booking your session you will need to send your time of birth, date and place at this time.


What Dara needs from you

  • A list of locations of your interest +  what areas in life need attention (career, love, health, etc…)

  • Phone number for a call or facetime or skype info


($150 special price for those who have taken the course)